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Integrate Video


Since its inception, YouTube has changed the way we share videos and information, and is now the most popular online video community. Publish a video version of your presentation directly into your YouTube account.

  • Deliver presentations to your leads and contacts from within Salesforce.com
  • Send one-to-one or one-to-many (mass) emails with links
  • Automatically track viewing of presentations within Salesforce.com
  • Know which leads or contacts are most interested, helping you prioritize follow-up
  • Securely deliver training content to Salesforce.com internal users or partner portal users

Video Hosting Platform

Video is inherently mobile. The only catch is that there are a variety of file and viewing formats. File sizes are very large and version control of your video library can be overwhelming to manage. iPitchPro uses advanced tools and software for efficient file management, version control with global updating and branding customization.

Distribution Platform

The distribution channel of your video portfolio is critical. You need to be flexible in your approach of reaching your customers without becoming invasive. iPitchPro deploys technology that provides multiple options to enable the most appropriate method of distribution. Including options for direct customer engagement with a Sales Representative’s iPad, a customer’s preferred mobile device, the web or efficient email packaging. Whatever the set of requirements, the team at iPitchPro can customize one of our proven video distribution partner platforms, such as Brainshark, to ensure your communications or marketing goals are achieved.

Some specific examples include the ability to:

  • Send links via email – complete with a thumbnail image of the presentation with a “play” button on it
  • Automatically post links directly to social media sites including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and hundreds of other sites
  • Publish presentations as videos on YouTube
  • Embed in websites or blogs using standard “embed code” for any presentation (this is great when you want to keep your audience within the same web page, portal or blog without the viewer launching a new browser window)

iPitchPro Mobile

iPitchPro allows you to more effectively address the fast growing needs of customers, employees and partners who – more and more – are relying on smartphones and tablets to access web-based content. Our built-in intelligence provides your audiences with the ability to view presentations as streaming videos on virtually any mobile device. This includes the ability to provide iPad compatability and download a defined set of videos and presentations to one of your mobile professionals, including your direct sales force for face-to-face customer presentations.

Connector for Salesforce.com

The Connector for Salesforce.com can help you improve your selling and training efforts by enabling access to Brainshark Presentations™ from within Salesforce.com. The application enables sales and marketing professionals to improve their productivity and the effectiveness of outbound communications.

  • Integrated Sharing by Email
  • Integrated Mass Email
  • Integrated View Tracking
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Available from the AppExchange

Attachment Efficiency

When videos are sent to a customer the iPitchPro solution provides the ability to include attachments such as the product brochure, technical specifications and customer expectation documents. The good news is that all of this information is packaged to ensure consistency in your communications to the customer but the size of the email only includes a web link and an icon if you choose to use one. The videos and attachments are streamed to the customer as they access it – not as part of the email.

Product Platform

While we have the expertise and capabilities to produce any type of video and marketing program, we have chosen to focus on business marketing and our core competency is in the following areas:

  • Business and Product Marketing Videos
  • Informational Clips
  • Custom Video Solutions
  • Training Content

Management Process Platform

At the core of iPitchPro is our ability to measure results. We are experts in designing a closed loop process that can provide reporting on who and when your videos are viewed along with additional tracking criteria you select. Our role is integrating your requirements into the proven capabilities of the appropriate technology partner, such as Salesforce.com.


Brainshark provides the leading cloud-based software for creating, sharing and tracking online and mobile video presentations. With Brainshark, you can easily transform static content, such as PowerPoint® documents, into voice-enriched video presentations that can be accessed anytime, on-demand. You also have access to extensive viewing details, arming you with the analytics to measure the effectiveness and reach of your content, so you can follow up accordingly.

Go Mobile


Salespeople in the field can access video presentations for just-in-time training or to access product information or executive updates. They also play video presentations on their mobile devices – such as an iPad or Android tablet – to show high-impact presentations to a customer on the fly.

Brainshark offers an App for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users and an App for Android smartphone and tablet users. The Brainshark App provides a more interactive mobile presentation viewing experience including the ability to browse the table of contents, download attached documents, quickly share presentation links via email or social media, and much more.