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Our Mission

iPitchPro is committed to helping our clients engage customers in more efficient and effective ways. We will expand our client’s presence in the market; enhance their local brand; enable and empower their direct sales force and provide innovative marketing and support vehicles to their customers.

Communications drives and supports all business processes but it is the key component in marketing. The evolution of communications methods and media is a phenomenal lesson in history. Skip through the centuries to the creation of paper - a significant milestone. The initial purpose of creating the document was to communicate the spoken word through text where your mind would then create mental pictures and images. The document still plays a prominent role in marketing but it has evolved more electronically via PCs and email. The creation of web sites allowed the addition of pictures and animation. We have now moved to a new phase where video is communicating the actual spoken word and images. There is no more mental translation. This is the most efficient way to communicate your marketing message as proven by the use of TV commercials, that we are all familiar with, which have been using this approach for years. However, direct marketing has just begun to use this approach as a prominent vehicle of communicating. Nielsen estimates that 90 percent of all web traffic will be video by 2014 because video is the most compelling way to tell your story. It’s a great platform for communicating with customers and prospects. And thanks to the rise of tablet computers and other mobile devices, video can take your company to wherever your customers are – giving you an edge on the competition. iPitchPro is uniquely positioned to help direct sales and marketing organizations capitalize now on the use of video marketing integrated with social media channels and tablet computers.

Our History

The Managing Principals of iPitchPro, Greg Walter and Dan Hopson, share over 50 years of experience in the Sales and Marketing industry with Xerox Corporation as well as local business owners of Xerox Agencies. As Product Marketing Managers with Xerox they were instrumental in driving the success of one of Xerox’ most successful products in history. The Xerox DocuTech Digital Press changed the business world and enabled the global Print-On- Demand environment that we enjoy today. In Sales Management roles with Xerox they recruited and managed one of direct marketing’s most respected sales forces. As local business owners they shared in the critical challenge that defines the success of a local business – developing and retaining talented sales representatives.

While the marketing environment has changed considerably over the years, two guiding principals have been constant and keys to success:

  • The need to be creative in leveraging technology to engage and attract customers
  • The need to enable your sales force with innovative, efficient and effective marketing tools

These principals are the catalyst for the creation of iPitchPro. The platform and strategies are built for today’s marketplace by leveraging valuable experience building successful sales teams and businesses.

Our Technology Partners

Through our relationships with leading social media and technology partners we provide complete marketing solutions and consulting services. We understand that by integrating powerful technology that we can bring additional value to our customers beyond business-as-usual direct marketing.

The iPitchPro team is the perfect mix of experience, creativity and technology. We look forward to working with you, please contact us today.

Managing Partners


Dan Hopson

25 years of experience in the Sales and Marketing industry with Xerox Corporation as well as a local business owner of Xerox Agencies.


Greg Walter

22 years of experience in the Sales and Marketing industry with Xerox Corporation as well as a local business owner of Xerox Agencies.